McNerney: Pai Won't Let Me Speak at FCC Meeting

Says chairman has not agreed to talk one-on-one in advance of vote, either

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has declined his request to address the FCC's Dec. 14 open meeting, where

Pai and fellow Republicans are preparing to vote to eliminate most net neutrality rules.

McNerney vociferously opposes the rollback and pointed out in a press release that there is precedent for outside entities to speak at open meetings. Most often those are testimonials in support of an item backed by the chairman--access to telecom services by various communities, for example--rather than speakers in opposition to an item being voted.

"Chairman Pai has disregarded this precedent and denied the Congressman’s request," said McNerney's office.

“I’m very disappointed that the FCC Chairman has not only denied my request to address the full Commission, but has also denied my previous request to speak with him one-on-one prior to the vote on the elimination of net neutrality protections," the Congressman said.

An FCC spokesperson was not available for comment.