MCS Buys Channelmatic Assets


El Cajon, Calif.-Media Control Systems, a new company based here and headed by former Channelmatic/LIMT Inc. employees, said last week that it bought ownership rights and assets associated with most Channelmatic products.

The purchase includes the product lines and brand names of "MVP," "Adcart," "Li'l Moneymaker," "Logmatic," "Li'l Ben" and the "1000," "2000" and "3000 Series Custom Control and Switching" products, MCS said.

MCS will also assume outstanding service agreements for those products, which perform such functions as ad-insertion cue signaling, audio-video switching and VCR control.

Channelmatic had large installations managed by National Cable Communications in Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C., for AT & T Broadband, Comcast Corp., Prime Cable, Cox Communications Inc. and MediaOne Group Inc.

It also has large installations in the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as hundreds of smaller installations with "virtually every cable MSO," according to former president Tom Walsh, a cofounder of MCS.

MCS is a subsidiary of Media Technology Group of Van Nuys, Calif., which also owns Data Check, a manufacturer of picture monitors and other television-monitoring devices.

MTG is acquiring companies associated with video, media production and broadcasting.

Walsh and Tracy Cummins, former vice president of Channelmatic, helped to cofound MCS. They said the company intends to develop new television-automation products tapping the technology base acquired from Channelmatic.

MCS will focus its business in the area of DTMF (dual-tone multifrequency) and real-time media-device control, as well as custom audio-video switching systems.

MTG's principal funding comes from Shapco Inc., a diversified company with holdings in industrial distribution, product fabrication and manufacturing aircraft components.