MEC Bravo to Wield ‘Precision' Tool

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To better focus on
Hispanic consumer behavior, media buyer MEC Bravo will launch Precision, a
return-on-investment tool that overlays data on consumers' TV viewing habits
with their purchasing behavior.

Gonzalo DelFa

Precision, as the tool is
known, was announced earlier this month and uses data licensed from Kantar
Media's DirectView service to identify Hispanic consumers based on their
viewing habits. Then, the agency will overlay the viewing data with their
product purchases through an algorithm created by agency.

That overlay allows MEC
Bravo to create "precise Hispanic ROI models" and determine the impact of
Hispanic campaigns on sales.

precise is it exactly? "We are talking about a very small margin of error, of
between 0.5 to 1 percent," Gonzalo Del Fa, the Argentinan-born managing
director of MEC Bravo, said. "As far as I know, this will be the most advanced
-- and accurate -- ROI tool in the Hispanic market."

Return on investment is a sensitive topic in the so-called
Hispanic market, with clients allocating small percentages of their budgets
against the demographic because they believe that general-market campaigns
already reach that audience.

"One of the biggest challenges for all of us in the industry
is to accurately identify Hispanic consumers and understand their purchase
activity," De Fa said.

Many marketers still rely on ROI models based on ZIP codes
or surnames, which leads to many inaccuracies.

"I have 40 Hispanics working in my team and only 20% of them
live in so-called Hispanic neighborhoods," Del Fa said in explaining part of
the problem with targeting the demographic.

Kantar Media's DIRECTView provides anonymous audience viewing
behavior from more than 100,000 satellite-TV subscribers nationwide, enabling
the measurement of the entire spectrum of live and time-shifted audience across
more than 350 channels. Of those, it is estimated a whopping 25% are in
Hispanic households.

MEC Bravo, a division of WPP, was founded five years ago and
works with such clients as Unilever, AT&T, Texaco, Novartis, Macy's and