Mediacom Firms Up Data Transition


Mediacom Communications Corp. said it signed a multiyear agreement with
AT&T Corp. to provide Internet-protocol network backbone and some core
support behind its "Mediacom Online" high-speed-data service.

Mediacom, of Middletown, N.Y., had been an affiliate of Excite@Home Corp.'s
@Home Solutions unit.

Mediacom said the relaunched service would beef up mail functions and add to
local content for subscribers.

Customers will start being moved over to the new service later this

In December, Mediacom agreed to pay Excite@Home $10 million in upfront fees
to maintain network access through Feb. 28 so Mthat ediacom's 113,000 cable modem
customers would maintain access to @Home electronic-mail accounts along with new e-mail accounts.

'With this announcement, we are taking a major step toward providing our
customers with a much improved Internet experience while at the same time
gaining greater control of our valuable high-speed Internet business,' Mediacom
chairman and CEO Rocco Commisso said in a prepared statement.

'We are on track with transitioning our customers from the Excite@Home
service with minimal disruption, if any, before Feb. 28.'