Meet the 2013 Class Of ‘Wonder Women’

Meet the 2013 Class Of ‘Wonder Women’
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Twelve top-performing executives in cable television operations, programming, network distribution and advertising sales have been selected by the editors of Multichannel News as the 2013 class of Wonder Women.

They will be profiled in the Jan. 28 edition of Multichannel News and will be honored at a luncheon event on March 19 at the Hilton New York, co-hosted with the New York chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications. For more information about the event, email Sandy Friedman (

Here is the 2013 class of Wonder Women:

Jamia Bigalow, senior vice president, distribution marketing, Fox Networks.

Denise Denson, executive vice president, content distribution and marketing, Viacom Media Networks.

Viviane Eisenberg, senior vice president and chief counsel, programming, global marketing and global licensing, HBO.

Irene Esteves, executive vice president and chief financial officer, Time Warner Cable.

Tamara Franklin, senior vice president, affiliate operations and new media distribution, Scripps Networks Interactive.

Jacqueline Hernandez, chief operating officer, Telemundo Media.

Ava Jordhamo, president, New York, Zenith.

Nancy Kanter, senior vice president, original programming, and general manager, Disney Junior Worldwide.

Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager, Animal Planet; president, Science & Velocity Networks.

Cathy Kilstrom, senior vice president, customer care, West Division, Comcast Cable.

Kim Norris, executive vice president, emerging businesses and data analytics, Cablevision Media Sales.

Donna Speciale, president, Turner Entertainment & Young Adults Ad Sales.

‘Bizarre’ D.C. Fare: Snakehead on the Menu For Andrew Zimmern In Season Premiere

Travel Channel is launching the new season of Bizarre Foods America with a visit to Washington, D.C. The Wire was intrigued with the choice of a city more known for political food fights among legislators — or literal ones, in the case of “Freedom Fries” — than for fine dining.

“We love that city,” host/chef and culinary daredevil Andrew Zimmern said. “It’s underrated as a food town and is the most expressive globalist city in the country.”

The menu for the Feb. 11 (8 p.m.) episode includes a spicy pig sandwich and Spam Masube at food trucks in the city and kosher soul food.

It also includes snakehead, a fish with a bad rep, that gets plucked — OK, bowhunted — from the Potomac River and served at The Source restaurant on a brioche bun with a side of chipotle slaw.

Guess which was Zimmern’s fave?

“Snakehead,” he told The Wire. “It represents everything I believe in: It’s an invasive species that tastes delicious either on the boat in a sandwich or at The Source in a soup or fish fry.

“We can eat our way into a better world, and this predatory foreigner should have its visa revoked,” he added. “Until then, let’s do all we can to use it as the healthy food alternative to other species.”

— John Eggerton


Ovation TV last week said Time Warner Cable intends to drop the network, which the No. 2 MSO then confirmed, saying the channel was low-performing and ran numerous repeats and infomercials. Ovation countered that it is producing more original content and supports the arts in TWC communities, among other places. On Wednesday, local arts organizations and politicians rallied in front of New York City Hall to speak on Ovation’s behalf.