Meetings on Advanced Ads Added to NAB Show

GABBCON helps create NAB Audience Based Buying Conference
NAB 2017 logo.jpg

The National Association of Broadcasters and the Global Audience Based Buying Conference & Consultancy (GABBCON) say they will add a conference on technological innovations in advertising to next year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The NAB Audience Based Buying Conference aims to bring together the sellers represented by the NAB with the buyers and agencies who work with GABBCON to discuss and familiarize themselves with addressable advertising, automation, programmatic buying and other new forms of TV, radio and digital advertising revenue creation.

Technology has disrupted the ad business, with dollars moving where advertisers believe they can better target their messages and measure results. That’s contributed to the faster growth of digital advertising, although with questions about viewer fraud, robot traffic and viewability raising questions about the effectiveness of digital, some marketers are moving money back to TV.

The NAB Show is scheduled for April 22-27.

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