MetroCast Casts for BigBand VOD


MetroCast Cablevision has deployed BigBand Networks Inc.’s “VOD Edge” for video-on-demand services at its cable systems serving New Hampshire and Maine.

The networked installation across multiple facilities includes gigabit Ethernet networking, quadrature-amplitude modulation and RF upconversion on BigBand’s high-density “BME50 (Broadband Multimedia-Service Edge)” platform.

Storage is consolidated on MetroCast’s SeaChange International Inc. “MediaCluster” video-server system in a main headend location. Gigabit Ethernet is used to distribute sessions to hub locations as far away as more than 100 kilometers.

The BigBand BME50 terminates the Internet-protocol connections at these edge locations, dejitters content to assure video quality and performs QAM modulation and RF upconversion for accessibility by any digital set-top box.