Mexicanal Sets Cross-Border Civic Campaign


Mexicanal, the cable channel created jointly by Mexico’s Cablecom and Castalia Communications in Atlanta, on July 1 launched Únete al esfuerzo (“Join the Effort”), a civic campaign targeting Mexicans and Mexican-Americans on both sides of the border.

The effort encourages viewers to actively participate in the political process of their native or adopted country, and to be better citizens.

A first phase of the non-partisan campaign includes a series of PSAs featuring political figures from both the U.S. and Mexico and from across the political spectrum. “We’ll have Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. and representatives from PRI, PAN and PRD in Mexico,” said Castalia senior vice president of programming and production and Mexicanal general manager Maruchi Urquiaga.

A second phase will feature athletes, artists and other prominent personalities.

A series of PSAs -- “no less than 36,” said Urquiaga -- will run from July 1 through year-end. In addition, the civic campaign will be prominently featured on news segments on MX24 Noticias, the half-hour news shows produced by Mexicanal, and will be tied in to the channel’s overall election coverage.

Mexicanal, which is currently available through the DirecTV Más platform nationwide and via several multicast signals, reaches over 1 million U.S. viewers and 450,000 TV households in Mexico via Cablecom.