Microsoft Buys Six-Second Spots in ‘The Walking Dead’ Episodes

Xbox also sponsors live stream of red carpet premiere event

Microsoft, already a sponsor of AMC’s The Walking Dead, has bought the first two six-second ads in the top-rated zombie drama.

Microsoft will also be the presenting sponsor of live streams of the red carpet at a Walking Dead premiere event Sunday (Oct. 22) at The Great Theater in Los Angeles.

Live streams will be available on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube. Microsoft will also carry the live stream on its Mixer platform on the Mixer Xbox Channel.

As it has in the past, Microsoft will sponsor the “next on The Walking Dead” preview at the end of each of the eight episodes in the first half of season 8.

Microsoft’s six-second ads for its Xbox gaming system will appear at the beginning of the second and third episodes of the new season of The Walking Dead. The new season kicks off Sunday.

YouTube and Fox began selling six second ads earlier this year. AMC has offered six-second ads that will run by themselves between the end of the previous week’s episode and the open of the new episode.