Microsoft Selects Rovi For TV Data on Xbox One

Its Metadata Will Help To Provide Unified Search Across Pay TV, OTT and Other Sources

Rovi Corporation has announced that Microsoft’s Xbox One game consoles will be using its Rovi Video database for global TV, movie and celebrities for the metadata that will provide a unified search experience.

A key selling point of the new Xbox One game console is that it is not just a next generation game console but a living room entertainment device that is designed to make it much easier for users to access a wide array of content—from games to TV and movies--through one interface and device without having to change remotes or inputs.

Xbox One’s TV electronic program guide, OneGuide, will allow users to browse, search and watch live content available from a range of sources including cable, internet, and telco TV service providers.

Microsoft plans to use TV listings, reviews, program imagery, celebrity profiles, rich descriptors and other TV show and movie information from Rovi to populate OneGuide and other TV browsing and searching features available on Xbox One, which will hit the market on November 22nd.

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