Microsoft Upgrades TV Foundation


Microsoft Corp. is showcasing a new version of its Microsoft TV Foundation Edition software geared for Motorola Broadband Communications Sector’s new DCT 6412 dual-tuner DVR, and will announce an integration agreement with SeaChange International Inc. for its VOD Link product this week at the National Show in New Orleans.

Microsoft TV Foundation Edition 1.7 is going through certification trials at Motorola’s Acadia lab, said Microsoft marketing director Ed Graczyk.

“It’s one of the first solutions for the new 6412 dual-tuner set-top” that Motorola expects to ship this summer, he said.

“There is no doubt that operators are very interested in dual-tuner DVRs,” Graczyk said, noting that it was relatively easy for Microsoft to add the functionality of the dual tuner.

“This is our fourth-generation DVR product,” he said. “We did a dual tuner with our Ultimate TV system years ago.”

The SeaChange deal “is an expansion of our strategic relationship,” Graczyk said. “We will integrate VODLink code in our Foundation Edition.”

So far, only Insight Communications Co. is using a portion of the VODLink service.

Graczyk said two operators in Mexico have rolled out TV Foundation to about 100,000 subscribers.

Microsoft’s trial with Comcast in the Seattle area is in the midst of expanding to several hundred “friendlies,” Graczyk said.

“We expect commercial deployment later this year,” he said.

Time Warner Cable and Microsoft mutually agreed to “back burner” their TV Foundation Edition interactive program guide trial, Graczyk said.

“The test has been postponed,” he said, as both companies look at future Foundation Edition software that includes increased functionality and features.

Two other smaller cable operators in Oregon — Willamette Broadband LLC and Uvision LLC — are testing the product, according to Graczyk.