Microtune Chips In with Samsung TVs


Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd. and Microtune Inc. are making beautiful television together.

Samsung is in production on a new point-of-deployment network-interface module using Microtune's high-performance radio-frequency technology -- the “MicroTuner MT2121” single-chip tuner and the “MT1110” broadband amplifier.

The TV-set maker said its POD NIM provides the critical RF electronics, in a modular form factor, that allow TVs to receive, tune and demodulate digital and analog cable; digital and analog terrestrial-TV broadcasts; and out-of-band channels.

“By adopting Microtune's silicon tuning technology as our core RF components, we are providing a very small, highly integrated and low-power POD NIM that can streamline high-volume digital-TV production," Samsung research and development group leader Chang Kap Nam said in a prepared statement.

"As the migration to digital TVs accelerates in the United States, we expect a surge in demand for POD NIM integrated modules that meet FCC [Federal Communications Commission] regulatory requirements and that deliver exceptional off-air and cable-TV performance,” he added.