Miso Serving iPhone App For Halogen Original Series, 'Jump Shipp'

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Halogen TV is working with Miso to provide second-screen applications for its original series, Jump Shipp.
The series features motivational speaker and career advice guru Josh Shipp intervening with young adults in lackluster gigs, who are looking to land their dream job. Shipp drops them into job-training challenges for what could lie ahead for them professionally. He then presents them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to quit their current work situation and "jump shipp" to a career of a lifetime.
For its part, Miso is providing an iPhone app that enables viewers to enjoy complementary second-screen experiences for all 10 episodes, which premiere on Halogen on Fridays at 9 p.m. (ET). Users can discuss the show, answer questions, gain insider acumen, participate in polls, post instant reactions and make predictions about which character will take the leap.
Miso is also promoting Jump Shipp through its blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Deal terms were not disclosed.

"Jump Shipp is the perfect show for the Miso partnership," said Halogen vice president of marketing Kyle Chowning. "Josh Shipp, constantly encourages people to take a chance on things they've never tried before. We're taking a page out of his book.

"Miso has made the second-screen experience of watching television unique and interactive," Chowning continued. "I've used Miso myself and I'm impressed with how they've developed a platform that gives audiences new and innovative ways to enjoy content. This is an excellent fit for Halogen TV."