Mixing Heritage, Health for L.A. Latinas


Time Warner Cable's Los Angeles division soon will combine the second half of its "Hispanic Heritage Month" promotional campaign with a tie-in to Lifetime Television's "Stop Breast Cancer for Life" effort.

Its current bilingual Hispanic Heritage push — which began earlier this month — comes in tandem with a soft sell for the Time Warner en Español digital tier. Next month, the Time Warner division will co-host a health fair with Lifetime.

Director of new products Max Herbas spearheaded the system's bilingual on-air and direct-mail campaign, which employs the theme, "Enjoy a healthy life in everything you do."

Flyers for both the digital tier and the health fair will be placed doors in plastic holders, and cross-channel promotion spots — tagged with information on the health fair — will run 450,000 times.

With radio spots, newspaper ads and hospital signage factored in, Herbas valued the division's marketing push at more than $50,000.

The marketing for the Spanish-language tier focuses on family programming, as well as the target audience's Hispanic culture. Promo materials cite basic-cable programming due on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Learning Channel and Galavisiòn, as well as Lifetime. In addition, the materials cite premium-network content, from Shrek
on Home Box Office to Resurrection Blvd. on Showtime.

During the Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 promotion period, the digital tier is available without installation charge, and sans fee for Time Warner en Español or digital cable in the first month. For those adding HBO and Showtime, there also is no additional charge for three months.

Time Warner has signed nearly 10,000 Latino subscribers to the Hispanic tier since it was launched division-wide last January, Herbas estimated.

The Lifetime phase is designed to bolster awareness of breast cancer, "a topic that is generally taboo among Hispanics," according to David Robertson of ad agency Robertson Marketing. A lack of preventative care and few checkups have led to a high breast-cancer mortality rate among that group, he noted.

In conjunction with Lifetime, the health fair — featuring entertainment, food and premiums from Home Box Office and Showtime — will be held in Oct. 11 at Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center. Attendees can get breast-cancer screenings, as well as diabetes checkups and children's immunization shots.