MLB Network To Launch With Grass Valley HD Systems


Major League Baseball’s MLB Network, set to go live January 1, will use 36 media servers and other systems from Thomson’s Grass Valley unit to handle the entire HD post-production process.

The baseball network will use Grass Valley’s K2 media servers in a storage area network (SAN) for editing, accessing and sharing thousands of audio and video clips on a daily basis.

More than 25 Grass Valley Aurora Edit HD workstations will work off a second nearline SAN, with 10,000 hours of storage capacity, allowing editors to collaborate on projects.

The entire system will initially be housed in MLB Network’s facility in Secaucus, N.J., which was the former home of MSNBC.

The post-production environment also includes Grass Valley’s Aurora Ingest software to capture incoming satellite feeds and content, as well as ingesting of footage from solid-state media. In addition, MLB Network staffers will use the vendor’s Aurora Browse software to manage assets and handle file transfers to and from a Sun Microsystems SL8500 archive system with capacity for more than 30,000 hours of HD content.

CBT Systems, based in San Diego, designed the file-based workflows in collaboration with the MLB Network team. The equipment and systems will be installed by The Systems Group, located in Hoboken, N.J.