MLS Aligns with WUSA, Scraps League


New York-Major League Soccer will abandon its plans to launch a women's soccer league and instead will team up with the MSO-funded Women's United Soccer Association, representatives from both parties said last Tuesday.

The two leagues have agreed to a comprehensive cooperation plan that provides for a coordination of marketing and promotion, scheduling and staida development, WUSA chairman John Hendricks said.

Additionally, WUSA's MSO investors will provide substantial commercial-time inventory for the promotion of the games of both leagues, as well as promotion of game broadcasts on television.

"MLS has done an exceptional job in developing and operating the men's top professional league in America, and we look forward to benefiting from their five years of operational experience," Hendricks said.

"We've set up a joint advisory council that will explore all opportunities for synergies between both leagues, and we are particularly excited about the potential of developing new soccer-specific stadia that can truly showcase the events of the two leagues," he added.