MMDS Companies Post Results


Jackson, Miss. -- Wireless One Inc. announced last week
that its 1997 revenues were $34.6 million, up 204 percent over 1996 figures. The company
posted a net loss of $89.1 million.

Wireless One saw a 65 percent increase in subscribers in
1997, totaling 114,934 customers as of December 31, 1997. Of those, 3,460 were
multiple-dwelling-unit subscribers.

Shelton, Conn.-based People's Choice TV Corp., also a
wireless cable provider, last week reported fiscal year 1997 revenues of $32.69 million --
down 2 percent from year-earlier figures. Net loss for the company was down 8 percent, to
$69.58 million. Total video subscribers for People's Choice TV Corp. were down 13
percent over 1996 numbers.

American Telecasting Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo., last
week said its annual revenues were $59 million in 1997, a decrease of 4.8 percent compared
with 1996 results. The company saw a net loss of $52.5 million for the year. Over the
year, subscriber levels fell from 179,800 to 138,900. American Telecasting sold five
operating properties to BellSouth Corp. in the third quarter of 1997.