Mobile Apps Get Boost From TV Advertising

VAB study finds 77% correlation between traffic and commercials
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Mobile apps, among the fastest growing form of digital media, depend on TV advertising to boost traffic, according to a study by the Video Advertising Bureau.

Apps have become a $1 billion advertising category for TV, and that spending is paying off. The VAB study found a 77% correlation between TV advertising and traffic for 60 popular mobile apps.

Dubbed "What’s App’ning," the VAB study used comScore, Nielsen and Think Gaming data from between October 2014 and December 2015, and found that when TV ads ran, unique visitors went up 25%; when the ads didn’t run, visitors dropped 20%.

For example, the app Pet Rescue Saga averaged 2.5 million unique visitors when it was spending $1.1 million a month on TV, then dropped to 1.8 million uniques in months when TV ads didn’t run, a 40% difference.