Mobile Future Bidding Limits Could Hurt 200 Million Subs

Group Says Restricting Auction Participation Isn't Just about Broadcasters, Wireless Companies

The parry and thrust between AT&T and Verizon and their competitors over incentive auction bidding limits heated up Tuesday in advance of the Senate Commerce Committee oversight hearing on the auctions and a House Communications Subcommittee FCC oversight hearing where the issue was expected to come up.

Sprint, T-Mobile and other competitors want the FCC to put limits on how much low-band spectrum any company can own in individual markets. The Department of Justice has supported that idea and new FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has suggested insuring access to spectrum by companies large and small is also a good idea.

To help make its point, Mobile Future, a coalition whose members include AT&T and Verizon, released a graphic to make the point that bidding limits could cost not just broadcasters and wireless companies, but "as many as 200 million U.S. mobile subscribers."