Mobile Future: Time For Permanent ITFA

Praises Short-Term Renewal, Says Long-Term Should Be Priority

With the passage of the House-passed omnibus appropriations bill by the Senate over the weekend, the moratorium on Internet access tax has indeed been extended, at least until October of next year, but ISP's would like a little more security than that.

That ISP's breathing easier, but not as easily as they would have, had a proposed permanent moratorium bill passed.

As it was, the Internet Tax Freedom Act will have to be extended again in less than a year. It has been extended four times now since being adopted in 1998.

Mobile Future, for one, was taking some comfort in the extension, while continuing to push for the permanent moratorium, which also has a strong supporter in Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who helped write ITFA back in 1998.

“Wireless broadband is the on-ramp to Internet opportunities for millions of American consumers and businesses, and with the explosion of data-hungry mobile tools, Congress should enact policies to enable easier access to these tools. I applaud the extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act," said Jonathan Spalter, chair of Mobile Future, in a statement. "Congress must now bring certainty to consumers early next year and pass legislation to keep Internet access services free from state and local taxes permanently, as well as ensure that e-commerce is not burdened by discriminatory and unfair Mobile taxes.”