Most Cable Customers Give 'TV Everywhere' Thumbs Up: Survey


About 73% of Comcast and Time Warner Cable subscribers surveyed said TV Everywhere services -- which promise access to a wealth of video online for no extra charge -- are an "excellent" or "good" idea, according to research firm Solutions Research Group.

However, SRG said, a significant number of respondents also expressed skepticism about the proposed Internet TV services, with video reliability the most frequently cited issue.

Comcast this month expects to launch a 5,000-household test of a service it calls On Demand Online, and so far has lined up 23 networks to provide full-length TV show episodes and movies, including CBS, HBO, Starz, TNT and TBS.

Toronto-based SRG in late June and early July surveyed 500 Comcast and Time Warner Cable TV subscribers 18 or older who also have Internet access.

When asked about a service that would allow access to cable channels on the Web or mobile device, 28% said the idea was "excellent" and 45% said it was "good."

Of those 18 to 49, about 80% said the TV Everywhere concept was "excellent" or "good," compared with roughly 60% of those 50 or older who said the same, according to SRG. Meanwhile, 87% of respondents using or approved of the idea.

The top 10 channels respondents said they wanted to access in full over the Web at home were the major broadcast networks - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - followed by ESPN, HBO, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel and Syfy. Of that list, Comcast has announced the participation of only three for On Demand Online: CBS, HBO and AETN's History.

Among those who viewed TV Everywhere services favorably, the main perceived benefits cited in open-ended responses were: convenience; remote viewing, such as when traveling; getting better value from a cable TV subscription; watching programming on a PC in rooms without a TV or if other household members are watching something else in the main TV room; and the ability to catch up with missed shows.