Motorola Enters Enterprise Space

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Motorola Broadband Communications Sector is getting into the business space.

The company is debuting the "Motorola Multi-Service Enterprise Access Platforms" for operators providing voice and data services to businesses.

The platform combines time-division-multiplexing telephony and Ethernet high-speed-data applications in a gigabit network. It's built upon Motorola's "Multiservice Broadband Transport" platform.

"Motorola is providing the missing link that will help operators to take advantage of the market opportunity that exists for providers who can serve enterprise customers with aggregated TDM telephony such as T-1 and E-1," said Charles Dougherty, vice president and general manager of transmission-network systems at Motorola.

The company is also introducing an "HFC Manager Element Management System" -- a software application designed to help MSOs reduce maintenance costs and downtime by providing real-time monitoring and remote network configuration.