Motorola Funds 'Cable Mavericks' College Lectures


Motorola has contributed $100,000 to support The Cable Center's "Cable Mavericks" lecture series featuring industry luminaries at colleges and universities across the U.S.

Developed by The Cable Center in 2005, the lecture series is intended to recruit college students to the cable telecommunications industry. The program has held events at George Washington University, UCLA, Harvard University, Dartmouth University, Yale University and University of Texas/Austin.

The Motorola donation "will help the Cable Mavericks Lecture Series continue to forge vibrant, lasting connections between the cable industry and the academic community, and create unique experiences for the students, university faculty and industry executives," Cable Center president and CEO Larry Satkowiak said in a statement.

The Cable Center, based in Denver, is a nonprofit organization that provides information, education and expertise on cable telecommunications and hosts the Cable Hall of Fame.