Motorola Lands Rogers-PurePixel Deal


Rogers Cable Inc. plans to use Motorola Broadband Communications Sector's
PurePixel MPEG-2 video compression system for its Ontario, Canada cable

PurePixel allows cable operators to encode-decode content efficiently during
analog to digital handoffs.

In Ontario, Rogers will aggregate
content at a master headend, then transport 50
compressed channels using PurePixel to multiple local headends throughout the

The content is digitally compressed at the headend, placed on a SONET ring,
then decoded back to analog at local headends.

Motorola's PurePixel technology includes dual-pass compression analysis,
temporal and spatial filtering and new scene detection techniques for the MPEG-2
compression process.

Elsewhere, SkyStream Networks unveiled an upgraded zBand
4.0 content delivery platform, which includes InterTrust, Irdeto Access and
Viaccess security systems.

The zBand 4.0 allows broadcasters, cable operators, content providers and
businesses to use satellite delivery to send content to local storage servers.

SkyStream said Hewlett-Packard Co. will co-market the content delivery
platform to the enterprise market.