Motorola Links HDTV, DVR


Motorola Broadband Communications Sector announced its integrated
high-definition-TV/personal-video-recorder set-top as part of its new
multiple-product "DCT6000" series.

The "DCT6200" contains an 800 MPIS (million instructions per second) internal
processor, a 150 percent increase over the "DCT5100" product line.

The DCT6200 also includes an "entertainment package" that enables a direct
digital connection to consumer audio and video devices via DVI (Digital Video
Interface) and 1394-DTV interfaces.

The 6200 contains both analog and digital outputs and an MPEG (Moving Picture
Expert Group) encoder that can hook up to a 1394 hard-disk drive.

The "DCT6208" offers the same features as the DCT6200, plus a 90-gigabit
hard-disk drive for DVR capabilities.

Both set-tops have Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification-compatible
cable modems; smart-card readers; Ethernet and universal-serial-bus interfaces;
video outputs; optical and coaxial digital-audio outputs; and baseband and RF
audio-video I/Os (input/output).

Comcast Corp. executives lent their support in the press release.

"We are excited about Motorola's new DCT6000 family," said Mark Hess, vice
president of digital television at Comcast. "It offers a powerful, robust
platform that will support our ongoing strategy to offer advanced digital
services to our customers."

In other technology news:

\u0007 Cedar Point Communications Inc. said it successfully tested the migration
of phone traffic from a class-five circuit switch to its "Safari C3"
packet-based next-generation voice platform at a Lucent Technologies test

The demonstration entailed lines connected to host digital terminals and
digital-loop carriers via a "GR303" interface migrating from a class-five

\u0007 General Bandwidth Inc. announced that SureWest Communications is
lab-testing its "G6" packet-telephony-migration platform in
Sacramento/Roseville, Calif. SureWest serves 7,700 homes in a fiber-to-the-home
deployment there.

\u0007 Corp. said it's working with Trilithic Inc. to integrate
Trilithic's portable test and measurement equipment with C-COR's
mobile-work-force-manager software system.

\u0007 SMC Networks Inc. is adding a new wireless-cable-modem router to its
product lineup. The "SMC8013WG" contains Texas Instrument Inc. software and is
DOCSIS 1.1-certified.

\u0007 And Discovery Communications Inc. said it is buying a distributed
storage-management system for its media content from Storigen Systems Inc. The
system will allow Discovery employees real-time access to stored digital-media
files in 20 locations worldwide.