Motorola Reups with Comcast


Comcast Corp. announced that it extended its contract with Motorola Broadband
Communications Sector in a multiyear deal covering a wide range of set-tops and
other services.

Comcast agreed to offer Motorola's new "DCT6200" and "DCT6208," the latter
featuring a digital-video recorder and high-definition TV.

The MSO also said it will purchase Motorola's "DCT1800," a lower-cost box
that supports video-on-demand.

Indeed, Comcast Cable Communications Inc. president Steven Burke announced
during the company's first-quarter earnings call with analysts Thursday that
Comcast had begun purchasing set-tops for $140, a full $90 less than what it was
paying a year ago.

Motorola also said it will supply Comcast with a range of network-service
functions including access to its technical-resource center and employee