Move Of A Lifetime Won't Come Easily

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Lifetime Networks' always-active public-affairs and communications staffers have been especially busy lately, hosting parties, “Every Woman Counts” events and even a fundraiser for Hurricane Gustav victims at the Democratic and Republican conventions in Denver and St. Paul, Minn.

So exhaustion mixed with dismay last Tuesday with word that their department and some other functions — about 20 jobs in all — are moving to Los Angeles in January to be closer to the programming and marketing groups.

It's unclear how many will relocate, other than executive VPs Meredith Wagner (communications) and Mike Greco (research). Wagner said the news was “difficult and hard for a lot of people, and painful.” Her group “works 24 and 7 together,” she said.

With no letup in sight. This week there's a New York session with the White House Project, training women who want to run for public office. Screenings of breast-cancer themed flick Living Proof (with Harry Connick Jr.) are coming up in London, L.A., New York and Washington, D.C.

“And I have to learn how to drive,” longtime New Yorker Wagner said, clearly stressed at the prospect.

Lifetime chief Andrea Wong loves advocacy work and wants to integrate it even more into programming and marketing, Wagner said. Bringing the creative groups together should lead to good results, she said. A gain, after the pain.