Movielink Adds Multiple-Day Feature


Internet movie-delivery service Movielink LLC ( is adding a new "MultiPlay" feature that allows customers to re-rent movies for additional 24-hour viewing periods for up to 30 days after the initial download, without the need to download the movie again.

Movielink said the movie Hulk, for instance, which rents for $3.99, can be rented again for 99 cents. Star Trek II, which rents for $2.99 initially, can be rented for $1.99 on a MultiPlay basis.

Individual movie studios determine both initial and MultiPlay pricing.

CEO Jim Ramo said, "It is particularly appealing to travelers who may have their movie viewing interrupted or children who want to watch a movie over and over again."

Movielink is also running a "$10,000 MultiPlay Sweepstakes" promotion through Feb. 16. Anyone who rents a title again through MultiPlay is automatically entered in the $10,000 cash-prize sweepstakes.