Mozilla Net Neutrality Compromise Takes Fire From Both Sides

Title II Fans, Foes Slam Hybrid Proposal
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If FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is floating the idea of a hybrid Title II/Sec. 706 network neutrality regime to gauge the reaction from Title II fans and foes, he was getting it Friday. Neither side seemed happy with that alternative.

Following stories, including at B&C/Multichannel News, that the FCC was considering the approach, proposed by Mozilla, to separate the ISP/edge provider access service from the ISP/last mile customer access service and classify the first under Title II, the reaction was swift, and far from laudatory.

"King Solomon wasn’t serious when he proposed splitting the baby. Let’s hope Chairman Wheeler isn’t either. Subjecting any part of broadband to Title II opens the door to FCC regulation of the heart of the Internet," said TechFreedom president Berin Szoka in a statement titled "There's No Middle Ground on Title II."

On the other side, the rhetoric was equally tough.

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