MPAA, Radix Strike Antipiracy Pact

Will work together to identify 'blatant' online theft

Radix, an offshore domain name registry, has struck a deal with the Motion Picture Association of America to help crack down on piracy of TV and movie content.

Radix says it will treat MPAA as a "trusted notifier," when the association informs it of "large-scale" pirate sites registered with Radix extensions, which include .store. .press, .tech, .online, .site and .website. 

It is the first such agreement MPAA has struck with a registry based outside of the U.S.

Radix has agreed to work with its registry "partners" to contact Web site operators and get additional evidence. Then, if they determine the site is engaging in illegal activity, i.e. delivering pirated content, they can, "in their discretion," suspend the site.

MPAA made clear that it was a voluntary, "best practice" agreement and targeted at "blatantly illegal" conduct.

Steven Fabrizio, MPAA’s senior EVP and global general counsel said he hopes the agreement can become a "model to be used with other players in the domain name ecosystem and internet intermediaries.”

The agreement is similar to one struck in February with Donuts.