‘mPhase TV+ System’ for Telcos Debuts


mPhase Technologies Inc. debuted its “Phase TV+ System” Wednesday.

The company said its services-creation strategy will allow telephone companies to compete with cable operators and direct-broadcast satellite providers in offering video services.

mPhase’s system is based on offering innovative video and Internet services focused on personalized consumer interests, rather than what it called “the cookie-cutter approach.”

"It's the difference between drinking from a fire hose and buying bottled water," mPhase executive vice president of marketing and communications Mary Whelan said on a panel at the Light Reading Telecommunications Investment Conference in New York.

"A lot of industry attention has been focused on pushing more and more video or data content at the consumer,” she added. “This approach creates new problems of bandwidth management. In contrast, the mPhase TV+ system takes advantage of the IP [Internet-protocol] address on every set-top box so that telcos will be able to refine content by consumer segment or give the consumer more control over selection.”