MRC Accredits Nielsen’s Viewable GRP Digital Ad Ratings

Covers integrations with Integral Ad Science and Moat
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Nielsen said it received accreditation from the Media Rating Council for its viewability integrations with Integral Ad Science and Moat for desktop display and video viewable GRP estimates in Digital Ad Ratings for age and sex demographics.

Nielsen last year offered subscribers choice of viewability monitors, including Integral Ad Science and Moat. It says it is the first company to receive MRC accreditation for viewability providers across display and video ads.

“With growing calls for transparency in the digital ad market, this latest accreditation of two of Nielsen’s viewability solutions affirms our commitment to providing clients with independent measurement they can trust,” said David Wong, senior VP of digital product leadership at Nielsen. “We look forward to continuing to work with our viewability providers to offer clients solutions to navigate this dynamic industry and transact with confidence.”

Viewability has become a major issue as advertisers have become more skeptical that their digital ads are actually being seen by consumers.