MSNBC, CNN Trade Boasts


MSNBC crowed Friday about its viewership gains in July since it revamped its
primetime lineup and added Donahue to the mix.

Cable News Network countered by claiming that it was the only cable news
channel to increase its primetime household rating in July from June.

Comparing this past June with July to date -- July 1 through 24 -- just
Monday through Friday in primetime, MSNBC's household ratings were up to a 0.4
from a 0.3, according to Nielsen Media Research. CNN was flat at a 0.9.

Donahue, which debuted July 15, has averaged a 0.6 rating, just one-tenth
of a point behind CNN's Connie Chung Tonight, which has tallied a 0.7 in
the eight days since Phil Donahue's show launched, as well as a 0.7 since her
own show kicked off.

MSNBC also pointed out that even though CNN has 10 million more homes than it
does, MSNBC in primetime since July 15 has delivered more adults 25 through 54
than CNN, or 277,000 versus 250,000.

But CNN scores well when Saturday and Sunday are added into the primetime
numbers for July. Comparing primetime (including weekends) in June to July to
date, CNN posted a 0.9 in July, up 13 percent from June. MSNBC and Fox News
Channel were flat, with 0.4 and 1.1 ratings, respectively.