MSNBC Launches Digital Video Hub

'Shift by MSNBC' To Debut 15 Series

MSNBC is planning a major expansion of its online profile, launching a new web video hub called “Shift” on Monday.

Shift by MSNBC will live on and house web-only series with the network’s talent. Shift officially kicked off Monday morning with the Luke Russert-hosted The Briefing, which looks at the upcoming week in politics.

Other series that will rollout this week include:  Road Map, a look at the backstories behind international headlines with new MSNBC contributor Ayman Mohyeldin; Krystal Clear, where Krystal Ball discusses women’s issues; So Popular!, a look at the week in popular culture with Janet Mock; Left Field, which explores the controversies and the business of sports; Three Cents, a fast-paced look at the economy with MSNBC contributor Josh Barro; and Code Forward, in partnership with tech-focused website Re/Code.