to Surfers: ‘Blog This’

Original: ( Wednesday introduced a communication tool designed to help online-news consumers share information and ideas with friends and the public.

“Blog This” allows users to quickly and efficiently write blogs related to specific news stories and immediately communicate their opinions to others.

Users select Blog This either in reference to a specific portion of text or the entire story, and they are prompted to post their commentary. The blog is then published to the user's personal “MSN Spaces” site.

All members of the writer's “MSN Messenger” list are notified of the new blog via a "gleam" icon on the user's MSN name, or the blog site can also be accessed via Web link.

"Being a top online new source is about much more than providing a place for people to find up-to-the-minute information," editor in chief Dean Wright said in a prepared statement.

“It's about helping people use and share that information,” he added. “'s Blog This gives individuals command over the news. They can post commentary and sway opinions -- bring a new level of vibrancy and activity to standard reporting. It's a form of editorializing that really brings news to life at the personal level."