MSOs to Snare 20M High-Speed Subs


PHOENIX -Fueled by the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, MSOs based in Canada and the United States are poised to maintain their lead over digital subscriber line competitors in the residential sector, and rake in 20 million cable modem subscribers by the end of 2004,
Kinetic Strategies Inc.

predicted in a recent study.

Kinetic also forecasted that North American MSOs will finish 2000 with 4.9 million high-speed subscribers, beating an original estimate by 16.7 percent.

DOCSIS cable-modem shipments, meanwhile, should reach 4 million units by the end of the year, a figure that is 37 percent higher than original projections, Kinetic said. Cable operators have maintained an aggressive stance in replacing proprietary equipment with standards-based gear, Kinetic noted.