MTV, BET: Protect Yourself


MTV: Music Television and Black Entertainment Television are partnering on
this year's 'Fight for Your Rights' public-service campaign on sexual

The goal is to target African Americans, the community most affected by
HIV/AIDS, according to Brian Graden, president of MTV and VH1 Entertainment, and
BET executive vice president of marketing and communications Kelli Lawson.

But, they added, additional spots will focus on the gay Latino segment, as

The spots were directed by filmmaker Joel Schumacher (Batman

Both networks -- in their first collaboration on a pro-social campaign --
will carry the campaign through the end of the year. They are working with
partner the Kaiser Family Foundation, which also has partnered with BET on its
own safe-sex initiative since 2000.

The MTV spots will drive viewers to and a toll-free phone number.

MTV began its Fight for Your Rights efforts in 1999 with 'Take a Stand
Against Violence.'