MTV Launches Soundtrack Of Its Own


New York--Ever wonder who sang that tearjerker song during your favorite episode of The Hills?

Fans of MTV can now find the music they hear on MTV through its new Soundtrack Web site, which launches today (July 16)., the first-ever interactive music guide for television, lets fans discover every music moment on MTV shows in real-time, and will also serve to propel new artists into the channel, according to Brian Graden president of Entertainment for MTV Networks Group.

Soundtrack has integrated almost all MTV’s programs into the Web site, which showcases artists and their music being played on MTV at any given time. The site also allows the artists to create personal profiles; where they can stream their music to fans and promote upcoming performance events.

Fans are able to rank their favorite artists, songs, introduce these up and coming bands to millions of MTV viewers and incite support.  MTV has created and auto-generated playlists around buzz-worthy show comments and moments on MTV. Soundtrack will eventually be integrated with, and fans will be able to buy songs through Rhapsody, which it acquired in August 2007.

“Music is threaded throughout everything we do - online, on the go, and on TV- unifying every possibly screen to create the best music experience for our audience, the artists they love, and the music industry as a whole. With Soundtrack, we’re creating a new way to propel emerging and indie artists onto MTV, the world’s stage,” said MTV senior vice president of music and talent Amy Doyle in a statement.