MTV Looking for Miss Seventeen


MTV: Music Television will debut weekly reality series Miss Seventeen Monday, Oct. 17at 10:30 p.m. (EST/PST), the network said Monday.

In the combined effort with Seventeen magazine, 17 young women from across the country will live under one roof and compete for the title of Miss Seventeen, facing sudden elimination by Seventeen editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein.

The girls will be put into real-life situations, such as writing an article on how to experience New York on $20 per day and participating in an outdoor photo shoot for Seventeen.

“This series will be a far cry from your typical cover-girl competition,” MTV executive vice president of series entertainment Lois Curren said in a prepared statement. “These girls are the overachievers you love to hate and will stop at nothing to win the grand prize, going to extreme lengths to be the last one standing, but in between the heated moments, you’ll also find a lot of heart.”