'MTV Movie Awards' Adds Real-Time Social Voting Results

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Having viewers vote on social media is nothing new, but MTV is taking the idea a step further in its digital efforts for the upcoming MTV Music Awards by showing the votes as they come in for the "best hero" category. The programmer is calling the move "a first-of-its kind social voting Twitter experience."

"Other shows have used social media for voting but what is new here is that we are displaying the results in real time," said Michael Scogin, vice president of mobile for MTV. "They won't just be voting and having it go off into the ether until the results are announced. They'll be able to see how their nominee is doing, which really taps into social media" and will encourage fans to use social media to boost the votes of their favorite actor.

The live results will be shown for the best hero category, which is being sponsored by Sprint.

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