MTV Show to Follow Osbourne Family


Pasadena, Calif. -- MTV: Music Television announced a new reality show Monday
featuring the family of hard-rock veteran Ozzy Osbourne, set to bow March

The Osbournes follows the real-life drama of Osbourne, his wife and two
of his three kids as they move into a new house in Southern California, MTV
president of entertainment Brian Graden said.

The weekly, one-hour show gives viewers unlimited access into the Osbournes'
personal and professional lives over a six-month period, Graden added from the
Television Critics Association tour here.

'This is America's first reality sitcom,' Graden said. 'Like a sitcom, you
have extremely outrageous characters, very funny moments and, yet, there is an
obvious undercurrent of love and affection among the family members.'

He added, 'The Osbournes is also an excellent example of how MTV is
presenting three-dimensional images of artists and musicians, giving our
audiences a multilayered look at the stars they love.'

Also in March, the network will debut an original movie, Wasted, which
chronicles the resurgence of heroin use among young people in recent years.

The movie, scheduled to air March 17, stars Summer Phoenix, Stephen Kay, Nick
Stahl and Aaron Paul, Graden said.