MTV Unveils Summer, Fall Lineup


MTV hopes to build on the ratings gold it’s found with “celebreality” shows such as The Hills and America’s Best Dance Crew with a new crop of reality dramas and contests it's rolling out this summer and fall for the lucrative 12- to 34-year-old demographic.

Hip-hop moguls 50 Cent and Diddy will be in the mix. Shows featuring emerging teen stars, run-ins with the law and teen pregnancy are also in the works.

“The MTV programming team is laser focused on seeking out, developing, and launching breakthrough content in a variety of genres and formats,” Tony DiSanto, MTV’s executive vice president for programming and series development, said in a statement. “This allows us to continue evolving, and offering our audience an exciting roster of hits all year round.”

Some of the faire expected this summer and fall include:

Untitled 50 Cent Project (Working Title), a new elimination reality show that follows 16 young men and women as they compete to learn and master the skills that “took 50 from the streets to the top of Corporate America.” The winner will receive a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program. Contenders will live and work together as they challenge themselves and each other.

Buzzin’, a reality show that follows musical artist Shwayze (self-described as the “only black kid in Malibu”), his best friend/producer/musical partner and his tour manager as they get “into comic misadventures" while trying to navigate their way to stardom in the industry. Trying to keep them on track is their tough manager and label honcho, Jordan Schur, of Suretone Records, who has managed the likes of Limp Bizkit and Ashley Simpson.

Busted, which is described as an “action-packed, high stakes” half-hour reality series in which MTV shows viewers what happens when kids “take things too far and end up breaking the law.” Viewers will get a chance to hear from the lawbreakers, the police and learn about the serious consequences these real-world “rebels” will face now that they’ve been busted.

Making The Rock Band is a spin-off from MTV’s previous hit series, Making The Band. In this iteration, Diddy returns to “step out of his comfort zone” and into the rock arena as he looks to form the next big rock-n-roll band to “take over the charts and dominate the music industry.” MTV said viewers can expect to see Diddy working with a roster of top rock-n-roll artists and producers.

Baby Dolls is a half-hour scripted comedy series set in the pop-culture phenomenon of celebrity worship “as told through the eyes of a naïve and jaded personal assistant to a young actress.” The faux-documentary series takes the voice of the abused but all-knowing assistant who is in over her head, “drowning in the celebrity-making machine, getting stepped on by stiletto-clad feet, but at the end of the day comes out the hero.”

Teen Dream, from the producers of America’s Next Top Model, is a reality competition to find America’s next female superstar with a twist: their moms will be their managers, mentors and ultimately may be their downfall in the competition. The selected mother/daughter teams will compete for cash and the opportunity to “showcase the daughter’s talent.”

Hollarado is another half-hour comedy featuring William Spencer—“one of skate boarding’s rising stars”—and his group of “crazy friends” who live to make the next stunt crazier than the next.

16 And Pregnant, hopes to build on the success of Juno and “the tabloid furor over Jamie Lynn Spears” by exploring the touching and “scary phenomenon of young girls who are faced with expecting” and “how the choices they make effect their relationships, dating life and friendships.”