MTV2 Eyes High-Speed Affiliates


San Francisco -- While MTV2's 'Area: One' tour rolls into the Chicago area
Wednesday, the music network is already looking forward to other
tour-sponsorship opportunities that will help its cable affiliates to promote
their high-speed services.

As part of the 16-city tour -- featuring Moby, Outkast, Incubus, The Roots
and Nelly Furtado -- MTV2 has linked with MSOs carrying the network in
interactive tent areas, where the partners provide high-speed-access
demonstrations to concertgoers.

Participants are able to play MTV2 games and, based on their responses to
various questions, they receive customized printouts of concerts in their area
and programming recommendations for segments on the network.

Concert attendees who try out the demos comparing dial-up and high-speed
access and engage in the MTV2 games are registered to win a guitar autographed
by Moby from the channel and the area affiliate.

MTV: Music Television and MTV2 vice president of affiliate marketing Lori
Raimondo said affiliates are tying into the event by demonstrating their own
high-speed services, offering discount coupons and handouts or running
co-branded tune-in messages touting high speed. Affiliates also receive concert

MTV2 is teaming up with AT&T Broadband for Wednesday's show. It has also
affiliated with Charter Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. on other stops on
the tour, which ends Aug. 5 in Devore, Calif.

Raimondo said MTV2 was buoyed by such success stories as one of the MSOs
collecting the names of 400 people seeking more information about high-speed at
one of the shows, so it is seeking similar programs.

'These demonstrations show consumers that high speed can offer them quality
content, quicker access and a better experience overall,' she said. 'We are
looking for other sponsorships that will enable us to showcase high-speed access
and build business opportunities for our cable affiliates.'