MTVN Forms Dedicated Local-Ad-Sales Team


New York -- MTV Networks last week established separate,
dedicated affiliate advertising-sales and marketing teams, and the company named Jason
Malamud vice president of affiliate ad sales to supervise a 10-person team.

The key change is that those MTVN departments were
"previously generalists, [acting as] one-stop shops for marketing and ad sales,"
Malamud said. "But local ad sales is its own animal, and it demands someone
specializing in it."

Of the 10 people, two will be located in each of MTVN's
four regional field offices, and two at its headquarters here, Malamud added.

The two disciplines will continue working together.

The combination of ad sales and marketing has already
performed well for MTVN, he said.

For a recent "Video Music Awards" promotion, for
example, MTV garnered $3.5 million for affiliates, he estimated.

Other sales promotions that have amassed significant
amounts of local revenues this year included: MTV's "Road Rules," customized for
Cox Communications Inc. ($2 million-plus); Nickelodeon's "Kids' Choice Awards"
($1.6 million); and VH1's "Save the Music" campaign ($500,000 in a handful of
markets, despite being mainly a public-service effort).

Moreover, Malamud said, the team will concentrate more on
"extending the national ad-sales relationship into the local-sales world."
That's already happened with Burger King Corp., which has extended its national tie-in
with Nickelodeon's Rugrats into the local level via a franchise-group buy in the
San Francisco Bay area, he said.