MTVN to Launch Ethnic-Targeted Nets


MTV Networks will launch three ethnic-based entertainment services in 2005, according to officials.

The three networks -- MTV Desi, MTV China and MTV Korea -- will be sold individually as basic digital networks and/or as premium services, according to MTVN.

MTV Desi -- which will serve audiences with roots in the Indian subcontinent living in the United States -- will be the first of the three services launched.

MTVN executive Nusrat Durrani will oversee the networks as general manager and senior vice president of MTV World.

The services will offer video and entertainment programming primarily from MTVN International feeds, but they will also feature local VJs, music and live events.

"We live in an increasingly diverse and multicultural country, where conversations at the dinner table and in the living room are more and more taking place in Chinese, Hindi, Urdu and Korean," MTVN chairman and CEO Judy McGrath said in a prepared statement.

"Launching these new channels is the next logical and tremendously exciting step for MTV Networks, delivering customized programming that reflects the bicultural identities of these audiences, not to mention providing another platform for all of the great talent from these communities,” she added.