MTVN Launches Digi-Net Quartet


MTV Networks is launching four additional digital networks, including an
all-animation channel devoted to Nickelodeon cartoons, officials said

Two of the four 24-hour networks, Nicktoons TV and MTV Hits, will debut on
Cablevision Systems Corp.'s digital service as part of a wide-ranging, long-term
affiliation agreement between the MSO and MTVN.

MTV Hits will offer pop music from artists such as Britney Spears, *NSYNC and
Destiny's Child, and it is aimed at the young end of MTV: Music Television's
12-through-24 demographic.

Nicktoons TV will feature animation ranging from Nick originals such as
Ren & Stimpy to Jimmy Neutron.

The third digi-net is MTV Jams, which will spotlight rap, rhythm and blues,
hip-hop and soul. It replaces MTV X.

The fourth new entry: VH1 Mega Hits, is an all-video channel featuring 1990s
music from artists such as Aerosmith, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Bon Jovi and
Sheryl Crow.

All four of the new networks will be added to MTV's digital 'The Suite,'
expanding it to 13 services.

Cablevision will offer MTV Hits and Nicktoons TV as part of its 'iO:
Interactive Optimum' digital service under a long-term pact that also increases
distribution for TV Land and MTV2.

Under terms of the agreement, Cablevision will launch 2.5 million additional
analog subscribers each for MTV2 and TV Land, expanding TV Land's New York
presence and helping MTV2 to reach 40 million homes.

The MSO will also distribute TNN: The National Network and VH1 to 250,000 and
80,000 new subscribers, respectively.

And the deal calls for distribution of MTVN's core digital package, including
VH1 Classic, Noggin and Nickelodeon Games and Sports.

'Everyone wins with the new deal -- classic TV fans get the broadest mix of
sitcoms and dramas from TV Land, and Cablevision's music fans will get the music
they crave from MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, CMT [CMT: Country Music Television], VH1
and VH1 Classic,' MTVN chairman and CEO Tom Freston said in a prepared

'The deal has great strategic value for us both for the distribution we gain
and the exposure for our important MTV2, TV Land and TNN brands in the New York
metropolitan area,' he added.

No timetable was given for the launch of the four