MTVN Sells Its First Mobile VOD Ads


Viacom’s MTV Networks has sold its first-ever mobile ad spots on carrier-operated premium video-on-demand services, signing the U.S. Air Force as its charter advertiser.

Air Force pre-roll ads will run across MTV’s made-for-mobile VOD series profiling popular musicians, athletes and other celebrities. The ads are part of a campaign produced by ad agency GSD&M Idea City that also will run on the mobile Web site.

Separately, MTVN also announced it will partner with wireless carriers that offer the MobiTV delivery platform -- which include Sprint Nextel and AT&T Wireless -- to launch a research project into the effectiveness and optimization of premium mobile VOD advertising. MTVN plans to experiment with preroll ads of varying lengths and formats across its mobile VOD channels to gain insights into which formats are most effective.

“It’s important that we collaborate with our partners in the mobile industry to build a greater understanding of what will lead consumers to embrace the ad-supported model,” MTVN executive vice president of research and planning Colleen Fahey Rush said in a statement.

MTVN claims it is the world’s largest provider of mobile video, with more than 80 distribution deals and 40 VOD and streaming mobile video services worldwide. In the U.S.,  MTVN streamed nearly 10 million mobile videos on demand in July across all major carriers.