MTVN Survey: 66% Of Mobile TV And Movie Apps Checked Daily

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Two-thirds of TV and movie apps for mobile devices are checked at least once a day -- but more than a third of these apps (38%) are deleted in the first three weeks after download, according to an MTV Networks consumer survey.

MTVN commissioned the multipart study, "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em: Adoption, Abandonment and the App-Addled Consumer," to determine the attributes of the most popular apps. The report is based on a quantitative survey of about 1,300 self-reported daily mobile app users and qualitative interviews with dedicated app consumers.

Overall, 83% of mobile app users said they are addicted to them -- and about 63% of women who use mobile apps every day would give up their favorite reality TV show for a year rather than lose access to their favorite app for that long.

Roughly 45% of users said they spend more than 10 minutes with their favorite TV or movie app each time they open it, according to the study.

Ease of use (79%) and new content (55%) are the biggest reasons consumers will use an entertainment-oriented app for the long term. Conversely, better alternatives (55%) and lack of new content (42%) will drive a consumer to delete an app.

"Ultimately, the long-term success of an app is tied to fun and function," MTVN executive vice president and chief research officer Colleen Fahey Rush said. "App users are looking for experiences that will make them feel smarter, more empowered or more entertained."

While users often discover and initially adopt apps based on recommendations, only 37% of entertainment apps and 39% of gaming apps continue to be used because friends use the same apps, MTVN found.

Gamers look for apps that are challenging (75%) and easy to use (73%). With gaming apps, 77% of consumers say they'll delete an app simply after they lose interest.

Three-fourths (75%) of consumers said it's very important that an app is "entertaining or fun to use," while 62% said it's very important that an app "feels good" in terms of its touchscreen feel, MTVN found. And 83% agreed that they are "often surprised at how useful an app can become even if I don't initially think this is something I need."

MTVN commissioned research vendor Latitude Research to conduct the surveys. The firm conducted 28 qualitative interviews (in-home, phone and webcam) and polled 1,309 online survey respondents. The age range was 13-56 for the interviews (50/50 gender split) and 13-64 for the survey (60% male/40% female).