MTV's 'Valemont' Targets Three Screens

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MTV will continue testing multi-platform show distribution this week when it debuts a short-form limited series, Valemont, on MTV, and Verizon Wireless's V Cast mobile platform. 

For six weeks beginning Sept. 29, a two-and-a-half-minute episode from the series - which follows a high school girl looking for clues about her brother's mysterious disappearance from the prestigious Valemont College - will appear ahead of The Hills and after The City. After the first 12 episodes run on MTV, the remaining 23 Valemont episodes will premiere weekly on and series sponsor Verizon Wireless's V Cast.
Short-form MTV music series $5 Cover had a similar cable-online play in May. MTV plans a second season of that show, which tracks up-and-coming musical acts in Memphis. It is unclear whether that series will live on MTV, or both, network officials say.
MTV also launches an unusual animated show Sept. 28 from Animax Entertainment, founded by SCTV's Dave Thomas.
Popzilla, a Monday-Thursday (6:30 p.m.) sketch comedy series, spoofs celebrity news from the previous week. It's kind of a cross between the E!'s The Daily Ten and Comedy Central's South Park. Flash animation enables the quick turnaround needed to keep it all topical. Look for sketches lampooning the Jonas Brothers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and President Obama (faking his own death) in viral locations near you.