mtvU Seeks Sudan Correspondent


mtvU said Tuesday that it has begun a national search for a college-student correspondent to cover the crisis in Sudan.

The "mtvU Sudan Correspondent Search" marks phase two of MTV Networks’ 24-hour college service’s “mtvU Sudan” campaign, aimed at educating, informing and mobilizing college students nationwide to help stop the current humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan.

According to the network, “In conjunction with the United Nations, the selected student will travel with the mtvU production team headed to the region to bear witness to the crisis firsthand, connecting with refugees, aid workers, college-age Darfurians and others. The student correspondent will share their thoughts, encounters and experiences on camera throughout their trip for the college audience to witness.”

mtvU said its coverage in Sudan will begin airing in April.

"College students are the engine of social change," mtvU general manager Stephen Friedman said in a prepared statement. "As they did with the anti-Apartheid movement in the early 90s, we believe [STAND-Students Taking Action Now cofounder] Nate [Wright] and his peers at colleges around the country can mobilize the world to prevent another Rwanda in Darfur."